What's unique about it: Aqua Glow Flash Mask is a second-skin hydrating face mask that deeply infuses skin with intense hydration. Thanks to this powerful combination of Vitamin C and probiotic Life Plankton water, skin is more glowing with one application. One moisturizing sheet mask is enough to deeply replenish and revive your skin's natural ability to glow. Key Ingredients: This hydrating mask is formulated with a combination of: - Vitamin C, known for its powerful illuminating properties; - The same concentration of Life Plankton water found in one full bottle of your Super Concentrate*; The perfect combination to make your skin glow. *Life Plankton Water concentration in a 50ml Super Concentrate bottle.
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Brand categorySkin Care
Brand rangeAquasource
SuncareNo SPF
How to ApplyWhen: Apply your Aqua Glow vitamin C sheet mask every week or when your skin needs it the most, on cleansed skin. How: After cleaning your face, carefully unfold and place the Aqua Glow sheet mask on your skin. Gently remove the blue film and smooth the mask with your fingers to create optimal contact with your skin. Leave on for 15 minutes. Meanwhile you can watch your favorite cat video, while getting a glowy skin at the same time. Remove gently, then massage any remaining product you may have, or remove the extra product with a cotton pad. No need to rinse-off. You can follow up with your favorite Super Concentrate for a super glowy finish! Tip: Use it after late night study sessions or just before a busy day at the office, in combination with Aqua Glow Super Concentrate for a flash of glowy hydration. Aqua Glow Flash Mask is part of a moisturizing sheet masks trio, the Aqua Flash Masks, designed to give a flash of hydration to your urban skin. On days when your skin needs it most, combine your favorite Aqua Flash sheet Mask with any Aqua Super Concentrate.
Day/NightDay, Night
Body ZoneFace
Type of SkinAll
Type of SkincareMasks & Exfoliators

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